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3 ways privileged user management can turbocharge your SIEM


[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 19, 2015 3:14:03 PM / by WALLIX

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have become a key weapon in the arsenal to combat threats to your IT security. SIEM tools work by collecting and analysing data from specific systems and across your network.This analysis can help to identify a threat or breach and help you to contain it. But any SIEM system is only as powerful as the data you’re able to feed it:

“War is ninety percent information.” Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s at this point that a privileged user management (PUM) system is certainly able to beef up your data and put you in an even better place to respond to a threat or potential breach, as well as narrowing the window where damage could potentially be done.

  1. Get way more than just event logs

Our privileged user management software acts as a gateway to control access to your servers and other devices. That gateway creates an audit of ALL activity, by monitoring on-screen actions as well as command line entries. This data can help to give a much more complete picture of what has been actioned on a system in the event of a breach.

  1. Know who’s who

Managing privileged users in this way will also remove some of the anonymity of shared accounts being used on target systems. As each user has their own single login for access to all the machines they have rights to. This means even if it’s a shared account that logs on to a server, the PUM will know who that user was and send a full audit of all their activity to your SIEM.

  1. Real-time security intelligence

It’s always been the case that when it comes to IT security prevention is better than cure but no system can be 100% protected. That’s why real-time, actionable intelligence is becoming so important. With a PUM system managing access to resources through a single gateway it’s able to respond immediately to a user doing something risky. It’s also feeding that session activity in real-time back to your SIEM system where it can be analysed in more depth.

This is a perfect example of how technologies that complement each other can massively increase their effectiveness and better help you in securing your critical infrastructure and data.

You can see how Wallix helps you manage and audit privileged user activity in this short video:


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Written by WALLIX