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Why do you need to build (AD) bridges when there is already a Highway?


[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2017 5:48:38 PM / by Eric Gaudin

Integration between several worlds (Windows; Unix/Linux etc.) often requires several adapted tools. This relates to AD Bridging integration.




What is AD Bridging ?

The purpose of AD Bridging is to manage the different equipment present within your network infrastructure from a unique console. A large choice of tools taking various approaches exists:

  • Deploying a dedicated server/application able to pilot several directories (AD/OpenLDAP)
  • Deploying agents on your non-Windows systems to register accounts on the Windows Active Directory

Moreover, Microsoft Active Directory already accepts to manage natively “ordinary”, non-privileged accounts from non-Windows machines.


AD Bridging for PAM

AD Bridging for PAM simply requires the following capabilities:

  • Use of AD groups to manage privileged access
  • Authentication of primary user against the AD
  • Connection to targets supporting any kind of OS (Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac etc.)
  • SSO so that a primary user can connect to multiple targets with his or her unique account


The WALLIX Bastion offers all these capabilities and much more thanks to its Session Manager, Password Manager and Access Manager modules that connect primary users to targets natively, transparently, and independently of their OS. With the WALLIX Bastion, users can authenticate through a single entry gate without having to install an agent or to modify the AD’s configuration.


WALLIX, the Highway to go!

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Eric Gaudin

Written by Eric Gaudin

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