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Do we worry about hackers and forget about IT hygiene?


[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 22, 2014 1:22:17 PM / by WALLIX


Am I the only person who thinks the coolest part of most action films is when the guy with just a laptop plants a virus in the most secure network in the history of networks bringing the western world to its knees?!

If we work in IT we love to hear about threats. What’s the latest vulnerability that a hacker can use to get to my data? What’s the latest social engineering trick? We might be forgiven for thinking that these kind of external threats are actually the only risks to our businesses.

Maintaining healthy IT systems is as important as protecting them


However interesting these threats are technically, the reality is that almost a third of IT professionals have no idea what the trends for data loss are in their organizations, that tells us that EVERY kind of potential threat needs to be considered.

Recent research has also shown that over a third of ex-employees still have access to corporate networks. Surely statistics like that highlight that maintaining healthy IT systems and infrastructure is just as important as protecting against external threats. Staying on top of user accounts or server access definitely is not as glamourous as thwarting villainous cyber threats, but it is the first and most simple step to securing your organizations data. This is particularly true if you’re required to meet a compliance standard like PCI where “tracking and monitoring” access form an integral part.

Wallix helps with network hygiene by engineering solutions that help to centralise and monitor access to servers and devices across business networks.


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Written by WALLIX