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IT Budgets stay healthy. But innovation isn't a priority


[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 22, 2014 1:19:01 PM / by WALLIX

Businesses recognise that investment in IT infrastructure is vital, but aren't prepared to put money towards innovation. Research firm Deloitte are reporting that almost half of the CIOs they surveyed for a recent report are spending only around 10% of budgets on new technologies.

CIOs must become drivers of growth


This highlights a definite gap between the excitement around new innovations or solutions to business problems, and a willingness to implement them in the real world. As social creatures us human beings may be waiting for someone else to "blink first" or even worse for the marketing men to tell us what we need and when. Are we ready to accept that many CIOs could actually be in a situation where they continue to spend money on resources that they don’t really need anymore?

This report would also seem to suggest that the fabled “democratization of IT”, the concept that all areas of a business are contributing to innovation and investment in new resources, probably isn't happening either.

Kevin Walsh, head of Deloitte’s technology consulting practice, says: “Now is the time for CIOs to choose whether to remain custodians of core IT systems or become drivers of growth through technological innovation.”

As IT security is clearly identified as an area where investment is needed to combat evolving threats and meet the requirements of compliance the CISO can clearly become a voice to challenge the status quo and ensure that commitment to innovation is in the right technologies.

At Wallix we pride ourselves on bringing innovation and developing products in a relatively new area of IT security. We hope that those who are as excited as we are by new solutions that can keep organisations safer will be ready to keep innovating in their businesses.


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Written by WALLIX