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VIDEO: Approval workflows for painless privileged user management


[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 19, 2015 1:03:05 PM / by WALLIX

How often do you need to allow one of your external service providers to access one of your critical resources or temporarily increase the privileges of someone in your IT team?

One of the big problems with managing which privileged users have access to the resources on your network is managing what sort of access they get, for how long and knowing if they’re sharing that service account around. Lack of visibility of this kind of access was in fact one of the weaknesses exploited by Edward Snowden to get onto systems he had no justification for using.

In WAB 4.2 it is now extremely simple to authorise and control access to a resource via a user driven approval workflow system. This feature automatically gives an approved user access for a defined period of time:

  • Simple form for user to request privileged access
  • Access is timed based and disabled automatically
  • Unrivalled visibility and auditing of sessions with real-time monitoring and recording

You can see how our new workflow authorisation works in the video on YouTube and find out more about how Wallix AdminBastion can help you managed privileged users at www.wallix.com.

We’re committed to making Wallix products easy to use and this feature is no different. Users can apply in real time or in advance, notification is received by email, there’s a free text box so users can justify the request and the final consent or refusal is just two clicks.

There’s no doubt that Approval Workflow in WAB 4.2 strengthens your compliance state and helps you meet regulatory requirements, as you have total control of any connection to your critical resources and gives you the audit trail to prove it.


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Written by WALLIX